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Hitman 2016 Download Full Version Pc Game

Hitman 2016 download was developed by IO Interactive and released in episodes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One between March and October 2016. It is the sixth major entry in the franchise, consisting of six episodes. The first installment in the World of Assassination trilogy takes place six years after Hitman: Absolution. Hitman 2016 Game download  Experience Hitman 2 global adventures as he tries to solve a series of seemingly unrelated murders. Agent 47 can explore a series of large, open sandboxes in Hitman.

Many of the assassination opportunities in the game are unconventional. With IO Interactive’s live component fresh content is delivered regularly in a downloadable format. Upon its release, Hitman 2016 Free Download was well received; critics praised the game’s accidental release format, locations, level design, and playability, but criticized its constant online requirement and grip. Square Enix withdrew from IO Interactive in May 2017 due to the game’s commercial underperformance.

Hitman 2016 Game Information

Game NameHitman 2016
Release DateMarch 11, 2016
Current Version2.4.1
Updated On27 Aug 2023
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Hitman 2016 GamePlay

As Agent 47, each level drops you into a huge sandbox style environment like a massive mansion or bustling city. More than any other game, Hitman truly makes you feel like a stealthy assassin who can approach their contract in any way they want. The first thing I always do is scout out the level. I love in Hitman 3 sneaking around and getting a feel for the guard patrol routes, security cameras and noticing opportunities for disguises and sneaky kills. One of my favorite things is putting on a disguise.

Of course, my main objective is to take out the target. Here, creativity is key. Do I poison their food? Garrote them in a secluded area? Push them off a balcony during a crowd scene? The possibilities are endless and experimenting with crazy kills is half the fun! I especially love luring enemies to their doom with well placed weapons or accidents.

Hitman 2016 Features

  • Hitman 2016 is not just another title in the stealth-action genre; it’s an expansive realm of opportunities, decisions, and breathtaking scenarios. Let’s delve deep into what makes this installment of the Hitman franchise both riveting and unique.
  • Episodic Format: One of the most distinguishing aspects of Hitman 2016 is its episodic format. Instead of providing the entire game in a single release, IO Interactive decided to release episodes over time. This allowed players to digest each sprawling location and its myriad assassination possibilities before moving on to the next. This format not only keeps the suspense alive but also makes the gameplay feel fresh with every episode.
  • Freedom of Approach: The freedom offered in how to approach and eliminate your targets in Hitman 2016 is unparalleled. Whether you choose the direct approach with guns blazing, or strategically make it look like a freak accident, or even quietly sneak around to choke out your target, the game offers an extensive range of tools and strategies to match every player’s style.
  • Vast, Detailed Locations: From the opulent Paris fashion show to the serene beaches of Sapienza, each episode presents a location that is not only massive in scale but brimming with details. These are living, breathing worlds with NPCs following their daily routines, all of which can be manipulated by the player to their advantage.
  • Contracts Mode: Once you’ve had your fill of the main story, “Contracts” mode lets players design their own hits, choosing targets, weapons, and conditions for the kill. This feature encourages community involvement, as players can share their custom-designed contracts with others, adding virtually endless replayability.
  • Elusive Targets: These are unique NPCs that show up for a limited time, and players have only one chance to take them out. If they escape or if you’re killed while attempting the hit, there’s no second shot. It’s a high-stakes game mode that keeps players on their toes.
  • Mastering Each Level: The more you replay each level, the more mastery points you earn, which in turn unlocks new starting locations, concealed weapon stashes, and various disguises, giving players the incentive to experiment with different assassination methods.
  • Realism and Immersion: AI in Hitman 2016 is both intelligent and responsive. They react to changes in their environment, and if you’re spotted doing something suspicious, guards might be alerted, or civilians might panic, making your mission all the more challenging.

Screenshot Hitman 2016 Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 (64-bit version)Windows 10 (64-bit version)
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHzIntel Core i7-4790 4 GHz
Memory (RAM)8 GB16 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 480
DirectX VersionDirectX 11DirectX 12
Storage50 GB available space60 GB SSD storage
Sound CardDirectX Compatible Sound CardDirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

Download instructions

  • Hitman 2016 download
  • Extract
  • Install
  • Play

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