Mass Effect 1 PC Game Free Download Full Version

Mass Effect 1 PC Game Free Download Full Version

Mass Effect 1 PC Games Free Download Full Version Highly Compressed

Mass Effect 1 Free download PC game, It was originally released for the Xbox 360 console in 2007 by BioWare. It takes place in 2183 in the Milky Way galaxy, where civilization is threatened by an extreme car race. They are known as Reapers. Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier, must prevent a rogue agent from carrying out the galactic invasion of the Reapers. Throughout the game, the player must complete several missions that generally involve exploring space, fighting the team and vehicles, and interacting with non-player characters.

Developed from scratch as the first chapter of a trilogy, Mass Effect took three and a half years to complete. In Mass Effect 2, the player assumes the role of a central character who can influence the story in many different ways. Through a simpler, real-time interface of the third-person shooter, the fight offers the tactics and customization of an RPG. New missions were introduced to the core game in two downloadable content packages released in 2008 and 2009.

Mass Effect 1 free download PC game, Video game publications praised the game and it sold over 1.5 million copies in January 2008. Critics praised the game’s interactive storytelling and cinematic design, but criticized its unbalanced combat mechanics and artificial intelligence. A number of year-end awards were presented to the game, including Best RPG at the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards and Role-Playing Game of the Year at the 2008 Interactive Achievement Awards. Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3 versions of Mass Effect were released in 2008 and 2012, respectively. The sequel, Mass Effect 3, was released in 2010 and the third, Mass Effect 3, was released in 2012. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remaster of the trilogy, will be released in 2021.

Mass Effect 1 Game History:

Mass Effect 1 download PC highly compressed, It is a single-player action role-playing game in which the player assumes the role of Shepard Commander. Before the game begins, the player determines Shepard’s sex, appearance, military background, combat training, and name. A player can choose from six different character classes, each of which offers different fighting abilities. Soldiers are trained in weapon damage and have improved health, while Sentinels are trained in protecting and healing allies. Depending on the class chosen, players can develop their base class talent in one of two specializations. Despite the fact that any class can use any weapon, each class is only effective with the weapons for which it has been trained.

The oversized Mass Effect 1 PC download highly compressed, To find and complete missions, the player explores a map of galaxies. The main missions of the game are combat missions, whereas optional missions involve players collecting objects or interacting with non-player characters. Each team member has a unique talent that can be developed as the player progresses through the game. There are several ways to gain experience points, including completing missions, defeating enemies, and finding and collecting objects. Upon gaining sufficient experience, the player gains a number of talent points that can be used to develop Shepard’s and the team’s talents. It costs one talent point to unlock each of the 12 ranks of a talent.

The Mass Effect 1 PC download Full Version. Shepard’s base of operations is a spaceship that serves as the player’s main means of transportation. Players can interact with team members on board the ship, purchase new equipment, and travel to many planetary systems from the ship. A large number of planets can be examined in the game, but only a few can be landed on and explored. Additionally, they may be questioned in search of valuable resources and mission-relevant details. A player can travel by foot or by using an all-terrain infantry fighting vehicle called the M35 Mako after landing on a planet. While most of the game’s missions focus on foot fighting, some segments may also require the use of the Mako M35. In place of side missions, players usually explore unexplored free worlds. Items such as armor, weapons, and ammunition can be found in the environment or purchased from traders in the settlements.

Main Features:

Lead an elite team on a heroic adventure across the galaxy as Commander Shepard.

Learn how to fight the traitor Saren and her deadly army to save civilization from an ancient threat. Your actions determine the course of your entire life!

  • New York Times Game of the Year 2007
  • High-resolution graphics and textures make this universe impressive
  • PC-optimized controls and interface
  • Bonus content – Consider horrible batsmen
  • Create your own character and embark on a fast-paced adventure in a captivating, open story
  • Real-time interaction between characters
  • Lead an elite team of three in an exciting tactical battle
  • Exploration of epic proportions on other planets
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Game Play:


System requirements

  • Windows® XP with SP2 or Windows Vista is compatible
  • Intel P4 2.4GHz or faster / AMD 2.0GHz
  • A minimum of 1.0 GB of RAM (2.0 GB for Vista) is required.
  • ATI X1300 XT or later (ATI X1300, X1300 Pro, X1600 Pro, Radeon 2600 HD and HD 2400 are below the minimum system requirements).
  • NVidia GeForce 6800 or later (7300, 7600 GS, 8500 are below minimum requirements).
  • A free hard disk space of at least 12.0 GB is required
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • The latest version of DirectX® is 9.0c
  • WINDOWS VISTA OR WINDOWS 7 USERS: To launch “Mass Effect” on Steam, you must choose “Run as administrator”. Steam will not launch “Mass Effect” if Windows Vista User Account Control is enabled. Steam can be started using the “Run as administrator” option or through the Windows shortcut for users with User Account Control enabled.

Download Instructions:

Mass Effect 1 Download PC game

1. Select the “Download” button.
2. Install the program
3. Specify the installation path and accept the user license agreements
4. All the necessary files are downloaded by the installer.
5. Download the unique activation key during the download to activate your version of the game
6. Complete the download and installation of the game after entering the code.
7. Let’s play!

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