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Injustice Gods Among Us PC Download Free

Welcome to the electrifying realm of Injustice Gods Among Us Free download the line between good and evil blurs and superheroes clash in epic battles! This game is a thrilling, unmissable experience for fans of the DC Universe, comic-book inspired fighting games, and strategic character development alike.

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” masterfully redefines the boundaries of the fighting game genre, combining immersive storytelling with hard-hitting action. If you’re seeking a battleground where your favorite DC Universe characters can go head-to-head, or if you’re looking for a complex fighting game with in-depth character customization options, your quest ends here. Injustice 2 The adrenaline rush that you experience while playing this unique combat game will have you on the edge of your seat, as you strategize, adapt, and eventually prevail.

This game goes above and beyond, offering more than just repetitive fights. It engages players with its intriguing “what if” storyline, where the most revered heroes are propelled into a parallel universe, becoming the very villains they have long fought against. Let’s dive into the world of “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” and prepare to shatter your preconceptions of what a superhero should be.

Injustice Gods Among Us Game Information

Game DetailsInformation
Game NameInjustice: Gods Among Us
GenreFighting, Action
Release DateApril 3, 2013
Current Version3.3.1
Last Updated onJune 13, 2023
Game Size8 Gb
PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android
DeveloperNetherRealm Studios, Armature Studio
PublisherWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Age RatingTeen (13+)
Languages AvailableEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
Game ModesSingle-player, multiplayer

Injustice Gods Among Us Game Story

Injustice Gods Among Us download for pc puts forth an intriguing and fresh narrative within the DC Universe. This extraordinary narrative pivot revolves around an alternate reality where Superman, the paragon of justice and righteousness, turns into a dictator. The transformation results from a tragic personal loss, instigated by the Joker’s sinister manipulations.

As Superman’s iron grip tightens around this alternate Earth, Batman leads a rebellion, gathering allies from across the dimensions. This setup triggers an immense conflict between former comrades and friends, sparking epic battles that go beyond the standard fare for a fighting game.

The gameplay is gripping, but it’s the story that makes Injustice Gods Among Us Free download stand out. It’s a story that raises questions about the nature of power, morality, and justice. It examines the dangers of unchecked authority, even when it’s wielded by a beloved superhero, and paints a deeply unsettling picture of a world gone wrong. The narrative also brings up the concept of multiverse, a hot topic in the comic book world, adding another layer of complexity and fascination.

On a personal note, what I found most compelling was the manner in which this game pushes its characters to their limits, putting a dark spin on the familiar faces we’ve grown up with. It’s a reminder of how versatile and intricate these characters are, how the dividing line between hero and villain isn’t always clear-cut. In a gaming landscape filled with recycled storylines and predictable plots, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” shakes things up with its innovative narrative.

Compared to other fighting games, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” excels because it seamlessly blends its fighting elements with an immersive and thought-provoking storyline. The game’s narrative arc isn’t just a backdrop for the fights; it’s integral to the gameplay and player engagement. The cinematic sequences between the fights provide deeper context to the conflict, enhancing player investment in the outcome of the game.

The game’s story mode also features decision points where players can choose their path, impacting the story’s direction. This isn’t a feature you come across in many fighting games, and it adds another level of involvement for the player.

Overall, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” raises the bar in terms of what we can expect from a fighting game. Its gripping and multilayered narrative, combined with challenging combat mechanics, make it more than just another addition to the genre. It’s a game that will challenge you, surprise you, and possibly even make you question your long-held beliefs about some of the most iconic characters in the comic book world. And that, in my book, is what makes it truly exceptional.

Injustice Gods Among Us Gameplay

The gameplay of Injustice Gods Among Us is fast-paced and fluid, allowing players to unleash powerful special moves and combos with their favorite DC heroes. Each character has their own unique fighting style that reflects their abilities and powers. For example, Superman plays as a brawler who can pick opponents up and slam them back down, while The Flash zips around at lightning speed with a rushdown style.

The game utilizes a simple control scheme where players use light and heavy attacks along with special moves triggered by button combinations. Different special moves like projectiles, counters and evasive maneuvers give each hero their own strategic options in battle. Players can also power up their special attacks over time to deal more damage. Where Injustice really shines is in the epic super moves that can turn the tide of a fight in an instant. Seeing Superman laser vision an opponent across the screen or Batman deploy a smokescreen never gets old.

I spent countless hours in the game’s various multiplayer modes, going online to test my skills against others. You can set up private matches with friends or queue up for ranked competitive play. I found the gameplay to be fast and fluid, with matches that usually lasted just over a minute. It took some time to get used to the timing of blocks, but once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed the flow of combat. My personal favorite character to play as was The Joker due to his unpredictable moveset and ability to keep opponents guessing.

The story mode features an engaging plot where heroes are divided into two factions. Players experience an original storyline through one-on-one battles and epic boss fights. I was drawn into the alternate reality where Superman becomes a tyrannical dictator and must face off against former allies. Successfully completing the story unlocks new playable fighters to take into other modes.

Whether fighting AI opponents or human players, Injustice delivers brutal superpowered battles that never get old. The attention to detail in every character makes you feel like you’re controlling your favorite DC legends. Years later, I still return to Injustice Gods Among Us for its polished fighting and cinematic storytelling. It remains one of the best comic book games available.

Injustice Gods Among Us Pc Download Features

“Injustice: Gods Among Us” is a tour de force in the realm of fighting games, and that’s largely due to its impressive list of features. Let’s delve into what makes this game so engaging:

  1. Extensive Character Roster: The game boasts an impressive roster of characters from the DC Universe, each with their unique abilities and movesets. You can play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, and many more, with each character delivering a distinctive gameplay experience.
  2. Story Mode: Unlike many fighting games, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” offers an in-depth story mode that presents an engrossing alternate universe within the DC world. The narrative is filled with plot twists and decision points that impact the game’s direction, ensuring a rich and immersive gaming experience.
  3. Fight Mechanics: The game’s combat system is highly intuitive yet offers room for strategy and skill. With its unique “power meter” system that allows characters to perform special moves, counters, or enhanced regular moves, the combat is highly engaging.
  4. Interactive Environments: The battle arenas are not just visually stunning but also interactive. You can use the environment to your advantage during fights, adding another layer of strategy to the game.
  5. Character Customization: “Injustice: Gods Among Us” takes character customization to the next level. You can earn and unlock a range of different skins and costumes, further enhancing the uniqueness of your chosen character.
  6. Multiplayer Battles: The game offers both local and online multiplayer modes. This allows players to challenge friends or gamers from around the world, making for an infinitely replayable experience.
  7. S.T.A.R. Labs Missions: These are unique challenge missions that allow players to further dive into the narrative and gameplay, often using special conditions or rules, and involving a variety of characters.


  • Extensive roster of DC Universe characters with unique abilities
  • Rich and thought-provoking story mode
  • Interactive environments in battle arenas
  • Advanced fight mechanics with a strategic layer
  • Engaging multiplayer modes for global competition
  • Detailed character customization
  • S.T.A.R. Labs missions providing added challenge


  • High learning curve for mastering different characters
  • The online multiplayer mode might be challenging for beginners due to skill gap
  • Character balancing can feel off at times, with some characters seeming overpowered compared to others
  • Some S.T.A.R. Labs missions can feel too difficult or unbalanced.

Screenshot Injustice Gods Among Us Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

RequirementsMinimum Recommended
OSWindows 7/8/10 (64 bit)Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i3-2100, 3.10 GHzIntel Core i5-2500K, 3.30 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM8 GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 570NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
DirectXVersion 10Version 11
Storage25 GB available space25 GB available space
Sound CardAny DirectX Compatible Sound CardAny DirectX Compatible Sound Card

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Download instructions

  1. Extract the files
  2. Either mount the image or burn it to a disc
  3. Execute the “Setup.exe” file
  4. Launch the game from your desktop icon


How can I unlock more characters in “Injustice: Gods Among Us”?

You can unlock more characters by progressing through the story mode, completing S.T.A.R. Labs missions, or through in-game purchases. Each character has unique abilities and movesets, so it’s worth trying to unlock as many as you can.

Is “Injustice: Gods Among Us” multiplayer?

Yes, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” features both local and online multiplayer modes. You can challenge your friends locally, or battle against players from around the world in the online mode.

Are there different difficulty levels in “Injustice: Gods Among Us”?

Yes, the game offers several difficulty levels, ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard. This allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

What is the age rating for “Injustice: Gods Among Us”?

The game is rated Teen (13+) due to the fighting nature of the game. It involves combat between characters from the DC Universe but doesn’t depict graphic violence.

Does “Injustice: Gods Among Us” have microtransactions?

Yes, the game does feature microtransactions. These are primarily used to purchase new characters and costumes, or to speed up progress in the game.

Can I play “Injustice: Gods Among Us” on my smartphone?

Yes, “Injustice: Gods Among Us” is available on both iOS and Android platforms, so you can enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

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