Medal Of Honor 2010 Free Download Pc Game

Medal Of Honor 2010 Download Pc Game

Medal Of Honor 2010 PC Game Download

Medal Of Honor 2010 Download, will introduce the Tier 1 Factor, a relatively unknown entity that performs tasks no one else can. To create the most authentic modern warfare experience, the development team has worked closely with Tier 1 operators in the US special operations community.

Through the lens of a small group of fictional characters, the Medal of Honor depicts modern military operations against a backdrop of rugged landscapes and brutality. Medals of Honor are inspired by real-life events and reveal the will, mentality and unrelenting professionalism of today’s elite soldiers.

When the mission must not fail, a relatively unknown entity of hand-picked warriors is called upon by the National Command. These are layer 1 operators. More than two million soldiers, sailors, pilots, and marines wear uniforms. About 50,000 of them are under the direct control of the Special Operations Command.

Tier 1 factors function at a level that exceeds the capabilities of the most capable SSFs. There are hundreds of them, though their numbers are classified. The exact tools of war are what they live and breathe. Violence is something they are experts at implementing.

Medal Of Honor 2010 Game Information

Game NameMedal of Honor (2010)
GenreFirst-Person Shooter (FPS)
Release DateOctober 12, 2010
Current Version1.0
Updated OnOctober 13, 2010
SizeApproximately 6.7 GB (varies by platform)
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows

Medal Of Honor 2010 Game Story

With Tier 1 operators from this elite community, the new Medal of Honor 2010 PC Game Download Free is inspired and developed. In today’s most ruthless and hostile battlefield conditions in Afghanistan, players will take on the role of these warriors and apply their unique skills to a new enemy.

There is no counterpart to these fighters. They are the best professionals in history. Just over a few hundred, I don’t know how many there are. United States Armed Forces leadership directly oversees them.

It assigns tasks that no one else is capable of completing and only goes to the most important points. Tier 1 workers are elite soldiers. On the Medal of Honor 2010 free download, only one campaign was developed in close collaboration with veterans and current members of the Level 1 Department. Based on real events recounted by participants.

They helped the authors of the Medal of Honor recreate the atmosphere of modern warfare accurately. A Tier 1 elite soldier in the US Army. There will be fighting between the Taliban and al Qaeda forces on the hard Afghan terrain.

Medal Of Honor 2010 Gameplay

The single-player campaign drops you right into the boots of Ty Cobb, a member of the Tier 1 DEVGRU unit. In the opening levels you’ll go through basic weapons and movement training to get acquainted with the controls. From there, the missions get increasingly intense as you’re sent out on dangerous covert operations deep in hostile territory.

A lot of the gameplay revolves around tactical combat where careful use of cover and teamwork is essential to survive. Enemy insurgents are clever and will flank you given the chance, so it’s important to watch your six.

Communication with your AI squadmates is key, as you’ll need to coordinate fireteams, provide overwatch, and work together to breach and clear buildings. Weapon handling feels realistic – reloads are done by muscle memory and changing mags under fire builds tension. You only have the ammo you carry, so accurate semi-auto fire is rewarded over spray and pray tactics.

Stealth also plays a role, as early missions allow for non-lethal takedowns in the dark of night. Later on, things get louder and you’ll find yourself pinned down in intense firefights. The game does a great job making you feel like every decision could be your last. I remember holding my breath as I pushed up a hill, hoping the insurgents hadn’t spotted my movement in the tall grass. Heart-pounding moments like that really drew me into the experience.

The campaign features diverse environments like rocky mountains, dense forests, and dusty villages. I was impressed by the level of detail, from authentic weapons and gear down to environmental effects like blowing sand. It really transported me to the world in a way other shooters of the time failed to achieve.

The missions are also varied, including hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and direct action raids to capture HVTs. My favorite was infiltrating an enemy encampment at night – the tension as I stealthily picked off sentries one by one was palpable.

While the single player kept me engaged for hours, I also spent a lot of time in the multiplayer modes. My favorite was Squad Assault, a 4v4 mode where teamwork and communication were absolutely critical to win.

Proper use of classes like Assaulter or Scout could turn the tide of battle. The maps were well designed with multiple viable strategies to approach objectives. Overall, Medal of Honor 2010 delivered an intense military shooter experience I won’t soon forget.

Medal of Honor  2010 Edition PC Features

Medal of Honor (2010) introduced a refreshing take on the first-person shooter (FPS) genre, bringing players into the intense world of modern warfare. Here, we delve deeper into both the basic and advanced features of the game, offering an in-depth look at what sets it apart.

Basic Features

  1. Realistic Setting: The game’s story is inspired by real-world events, immersing players in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.
  2. Tier 1 Operators: You play as elite Tier 1 Operators, experiencing the challenges and missions faced by these special forces soldiers.
  3. Authentic Weapons: Medal of Honor boasts an impressive arsenal of real-world weapons, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the gameplay.
  4. Compelling Storyline: The narrative is gripping and offers a unique perspective on modern warfare, focusing on the human elements of the conflict.
  5. Variety of Missions: From stealthy reconnaissance to intense firefights, the game offers a wide range of mission types to keep players engaged.
  6. Multiplayer Mode: Compete against others in the online multiplayer mode, showcasing your skills in various game modes and maps.

Advanced Features

  1. Graphics and Sound: The game’s visuals are impressive, with detailed character models and environments. The sound design, including authentic weapon sounds, adds to the immersion.
  2. Tier 1 Mode: For a true challenge, try the Tier 1 Mode, where enemies are deadlier, and the stakes are higher.
  3. Teamwork: Emphasis on team play in the multiplayer mode encourages cooperative strategies, adding depth to the gameplay.
  4. Vehicles: Some missions feature vehicle gameplay, including helicopters and armored vehicles, diversifying the gameplay experience.
  5. Realistic Ballistics: Medal of Honor incorporates realistic bullet ballistics, making long-range shots more challenging and rewarding.
  6. Customization: Customize your loadout in multiplayer mode, selecting weapons and equipment that suit your playstyle.
  7. Awards and Achievements: Earn awards and achievements for completing challenging feats, adding replay value.
  8. Diverse Environments: From the mountains of Afghanistan to urban settings, the game offers diverse and visually stunning landscapes.


  1. Authenticity: The game’s commitment to realism in both its setting and weaponry enhances the overall experience.
  2. Compelling Story: The narrative is emotionally charged, providing a thought-provoking look at the modern battlefield.
  3. Graphics and Sound: Impressive visuals and sound design contribute to the game’s immersive atmosphere.
  4. Multiplayer Mode: The multiplayer mode offers a competitive and cooperative experience, catering to various playstyles.
  5. Variety of Missions: The diverse missions keep gameplay fresh and engaging, with different challenges to overcome.


  1. Limited Innovation: While Medal of Honor (2010) is a solid FPS, it doesn’t bring significant innovations to the genre.
  2. Short Campaign: Some players may find the single-player campaign relatively short compared to other FPS titles.
  3. Lack of Character Depth: Character development is somewhat shallow, focusing more on the action than the individuals involved.

Medal Of Honor 2010 Game Play

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

System RequirementsMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7Windows 7 (64-bit)
ProcessorPentium D 3.2 GHz / Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz / Athlon 64 X2Quad-core CPU (Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X4)
RAM2 GB3 GB or more
Graphics CardGeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900, 256 MB VRAMGeForce GTX 260 / Radeon HD 4870, 512 MB VRAM
DirectXDirectX 9.0cDirectX 10 compatible graphics card
Hard Drive Space9 GB of free space9 GB of free space
Sound CardDirectX 9.0c compatible sound cardDirectX 10 compatible sound card
InternetBroadband Internet connection required for multiplayerBroadband Internet connection required for multiplayer

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How to Download Medal of Honor 2010 Free for PC?

  • An abstract
  • Mount or burn ISO
  • Install the game using Setup.exe
  • Run the game from the desktop shortcut
  • Enjoy and play


What is the story of the single-player campaign?

The campaign follows Tier 1 US Navy SEAL Ty Cobb as he goes on dangerous missions to track down high-value targets during the War in Afghanistan. It aims to deliver an authentic and realistic take on modern special forces operations.

How does the multiplayer work?

Medal of Honor 2010 features various competitive multiplayer modes for up to 24 players, including Team Deathmatch, Squad Assault and Warfare. Players can level up their class and unlock new weapons/gear.

How long is the single-player campaign?

Most players report completing the single-player campaign in 6-8 hours on normal difficulty settings. There is replay value in trying missions again on higher difficulties.

What kind of DLC or expansions were released?

No major story DLC or expansions were released. The developers focused on regular multiplayer map packs to extend the longevity of the competitive modes.

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