Hitman Go Free Download PC Game

Hitman Go Free Download PC Game

Hitman GO Definitive Edition Free Download PC Game Full Version

Hitman Go Download for PC Square Enix Montreal developed and published this RPG video game. Initially announced in February 2014, the game was released for iOS in April 2014 and for Android in June 2014. In April 2015, the Windows and Windows Phone versions were released. In February 2016, the Definitive Edition was released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, as well as on Linux and Windows via Steam. The game was developed by Square Enix Montreal, a studio founded in 2011. It was developed by eleven people using the Unity game engine in 2013 and went into full production in 2014. 

The Hitman 2016 Download champion, Player 47, guides the player through grid-based levels in Hitman Go. The levels are presented as a board game with miniature characters composed of nodes and lines. During a turn, enemy characters can be dispatched by moving to the node they occupy. To further complicate puzzle solutions, new enemy types and mechanics are introduced as the player progresses through the levels.

Hitman Go PC download Full Version turn-based strategy game is easy to play, but hard to master. In this game, you’ll navigate through fixed spaces in a network to avoid enemies, eliminate targets, or infiltrate well-protected areas. Award-winning diorama-style turn-based strategy game challenges even the most accomplished Hitman fans with challenging levels and stylish freeze frame environments.

The announcement of Hitman Go was met with some skepticism from critics. However, the Hitman Go download PC game Appreciated for its artistry, aesthetics, simple gameplay mechanics, and translation of Hitman to a mobile device. Numerous game publications and award organizations have also nominated and awarded it. Hitman 6 Alpha Free Download Lara Croft Go, the successor to Tomb Raider, was released in August 2015.

Hitman Go Game Information

Game NameHitman Go
GenreStrategy, Puzzle
Release DateApril 17, 2014
Current Version1.13
Updated OnJanuary 15, 2024
Size800 MB
PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows

Hitman Go Gameplay Trailer

Hitman Go PC Game Story

Part of the Hitman video game series, Hitman Go Full Version is a turn-based game. The game is played on a grid-based board with nodes and lines interconnected. By rotating between nodes, players and enemies can move between nodes. The player controls Agent 47, the series’ hero. In “Final Edit”, the player swipes the screen to direct Agent 47 in the direction they want. On a computer, clicking, holding, and dragging replaces swiping.

As soon as the player completes their turn, all enemies on the board move simultaneously. During each level, you must guide Agent 47 to the end point or assassinate a specific target. A player can kill enemies by moving to the target node, and the player can be killed by enemies moving on the player’s node.

The levels of Hitman Go download PC game, As the player progresses, various mechanisms and new types of enemies are introduced. The player can become familiar with the movement patterns of each enemy type by identifying its color. Other enemies patrol the board along a designated path, while others remain immobile or spin a single knot. In later stages, the player may need to collect keys on the board and unlock doors to complete the level objective.

As the hatches rotate, the player can move from one location to another on the board. When occupying nodes containing potted plants, the player will not be caught. There are colored masks that can be found and equipped to allow the player to walk through an enemy type of that color without being detected. Throwable objects are used to disrupt and alter the enemy’s behavior.  A firearm can also be found in certain levels, where it can be used to shoot at targets or obstacles from a distance.

Completing additional objectives, such as collecting a bag or completing the level without killing anyone, rewards the player with stars. Levels are unlocked by collecting stars.  The Hitman Go game download for pc, There are five different chapters in the book, one of which is based on the level from Hitman: Blood Money. There were two additional chapters added after launch, one based on a level from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. In-app purchases provide puzzle hints or unlock level chapters immediately.

Hitman Go Gameplay

Alright, fellow gamers, buckle up for an immersive journey through the covert world of Hitman Go. Picture this: you’re Agent 47, the iconic bald-headed assassin, but instead of the action-packed scenes we’re used to, you find yourself navigating meticulously designed dioramas. Welcome to the ingenious world of turn-based strategy gameplay that defines Hitman Go.

From the get-go, the game throws you into a series of diabolical puzzles disguised as missions. Each diorama serves as a level, presenting you with a set of challenges that require a combination of stealth, strategy, and, of course, a killer instinct. The visual simplicity of the dioramas is deceptive; beneath the clean surfaces lies a labyrinth of possibilities waiting to be unraveled.

The game’s mechanics are easy to grasp, even for newcomers. You tap to move Agent 47, and every move counts. The objective is straightforward – eliminate your target while avoiding the patrolling enemies. It sounds easy, right? Well, think again. The brilliance of Hitman Go lies in its ability to elevate simplicity into a cerebral challenge.

As you progress, the puzzles become increasingly complex, forcing you to think several steps ahead. You’ll find yourself analyzing the movements of guards, figuring out the optimal path, and utilizing the environment to your advantage. It’s like playing chess, but with a hitman in a stylish suit.

One of the standout features is the diverse set of tools at your disposal. Disguises, distractions, and even sniper rifles add layers to the gameplay, allowing for a variety of approaches to each level. Planning your moves becomes an art, and every successful execution feels like a well-orchestrated masterpiece.

The game’s design flawlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The dioramas are visually stunning, each telling a story of its own. From elegant gardens to corporate offices, the environments mirror the diverse settings of a true Hitman mission. The attention to detail is impeccable, making you feel like you’re orchestrating an espionage ballet in miniature worlds.

What truly sets Hitman Go apart is its ability to balance challenge with accessibility. While the early levels serve as a tutorial, gradually introducing you to the mechanics, the later stages demand a level of strategic thinking that will put your wits to the test. It’s a perfect blend that keeps you hooked, whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick fix or a seasoned strategist seeking a cerebral challenge.

The game’s soundtrack deserves a special mention. The subtle yet tense music heightens the suspense, enhancing the overall experience. It’s like having your personal score to an espionage thriller, perfectly syncing with your every move.

Hitman Go Features

Hitman Go isn’t your typical action-packed Hitman game. Instead, it takes the franchise’s core essence and cleverly morphs it into a turn-based puzzle strategy that’s as captivating as it is mentally stimulating. Here’s a detailed look at the features that make Hitman Go stand out in the gaming world:

1. Diorama-Style Levels: The game’s visual aesthetic is nothing short of impressive. Each level is presented as a beautifully detailed diorama, giving players a sense of immersion and creativity as they navigate these intricate environments.

2. Strategic Gameplay: Unlike the usual real-time action in Hitman games, Hitman Go adopts a turn-based approach. You’ll have to meticulously plan your moves, considering enemy patrols, obstacles, and ways to eliminate your targets without getting caught.

3. Varied Environments: From luxurious yachts to beautifully designed gardens, each level presents a new environment with distinct challenges. This variety keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, pushing players to adapt their strategies.

4. Weapon and Disguise Mechanics: Utilize iconic Hitman tools like disguises, distractions, and even the trademark Silverballer pistols. Each level encourages you to experiment with these mechanics, adding depth to the strategic aspect of the game.

5. Challenging Puzzles: The puzzles in Hitman Go require more than just quick reflexes. You’ll need to think several steps ahead, planning routes and timing to avoid guards and obstacles while staying on the path to your target.

6. Hidden Collectibles: Each level hides valuable collectibles that not only add replay value but also provide insight into the Hitman universe’s lore.

7. Minimalist UI: The game’s user interface is sleek and unobtrusive, allowing you to focus entirely on the puzzle-solving experience.

8. Regular Updates: Hitman Go has continued to receive updates, enhancing gameplay, introducing new levels, and optimizing the experience for different devices.


  • Strategic Depth: Hitman Go offers a refreshing take on the franchise, emphasizing thoughtful planning over reflexes.
  • Engaging Aesthetic: The diorama-style levels and minimalist design contribute to an immersive and visually appealing experience.
  • Puzzle Variety: The puzzles range from straightforward to mind-bending, ensuring both newcomers and puzzle enthusiasts find their challenge.
  • Nods to the Franchise: The game incorporates iconic Hitman elements, providing a nostalgic connection for longtime fans.


  • Pacing: Some levels might feel slow-paced due to the turn-based nature, which might not resonate with all players.
  • Steep Difficulty Curve: While the game offers accessible early levels, it progressively becomes quite challenging, potentially discouraging casual players.
  • Limited Action: If you’re accustomed to the fast-paced action of traditional Hitman games, the puzzle-focused gameplay might feel restrictive.

Screenshot Hitman Go Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

OSWindows 7 32-bitWindows 10 64-bit
ProcessorDual-core 2 GHzQuad-core 3 GHz
Memory1 GB RAM2 GB RAM
GraphicsDirectX 10 compatible graphics cardDirectX 11 compatible graphics card
Storage2 GB available space2 GB available space

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Download Instructions

Hitman Go download

1. Select the “Download” button.
2. Install the software
3. Please accept the user license agreements and specify the installation path
4. All the necessary files are downloaded by the installer.
5. The unique activation key must be downloaded during the download of the game
6. Complete the download and installation of the game after entering the code.
7. Let’s play!


What is Hitman Go?

Hitman Go is a turn-based puzzle strategy game that reimagines the Hitman series as a diorama-style puzzle adventure. Players must navigate levels, plan moves, and eliminate targets while avoiding guards and obstacles.

Is Hitman Go related to the main Hitman series?

Yes, Hitman Go draws inspiration from the main Hitman series but transforms its gameplay into a strategic puzzle experience. It maintains iconic elements like disguises, tools, and stealthy gameplay.

What platforms can I play Hitman Go on?

Hitman Go is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, offering accessibility across a range of devices.

How challenging are the puzzles in Hitman Go?

The puzzles vary in difficulty, starting from accessible levels and gradually becoming more complex. Some puzzles require creative thinking, strategic planning, and observation to solve.

Can I enjoy Hitman Go if I’m new to the Hitman series?

Absolutely! Hitman Go offers a unique gameplay style that doesn’t require prior knowledge of the main series. Its turn-based puzzle mechanics provide an engaging entry point for both newcomers and fans of the franchise.

Is Hitman Go a one-time purchase game or does it include microtransactions?

Hitman Go is a premium game, meaning you make a one-time purchase to access the full experience. There are no microtransactions or pay-to-win elements in the game.

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