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Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing and enchanting journey of connection, collaboration, and exploration with “Unravel 2 Download.” This spellbinding video game serves as the ultimate escape into a world of whimsy and challenges. Perfect for gamers seeking a mind-boggling platformer experience, or simply those intrigued by beautifully intricate storytelling and aesthetic gameplay, Unravel 2 offers an entirely fresh perspective in the realm of adventure platformer games.

Tailored with an uncanny blend of seamless gameplay, remarkable graphics, and an emotionally gripping narrative, it’s no wonder this game is garnering so much attention among both veteran gamers and newcomers. Unravel Download PC Game whether you’re an enthusiast of collaborative puzzle-solving games, or just someone who relishes the compelling narrative and aesthetically pleasing graphics, let’s dive deeper into the world of Unravel 2.

Unravel 2 Game Information:

Game InformationDetails
Game NameUnravel 2
GenrePuzzle-Platformer, Adventure
Release dateJune 9, 2018
Current VersionV1.0.0.47008
Last Updated onJuly 2023
SizeApprox. 3.0 GB
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
DeveloperColdwood Interactive
PublisherElectronic Arts

Unravel 2 Gameplay Trailer

Game Story:

In Unravel 2, the heartwarming narrative will take you on an adventure that’s more than just about puzzles and platforming. It is a journey through the themes of friendship, love, and the enduring bond that ties us to those we care for.

Our journey starts when Yarny, the adorable anthropomorphic yarn protagonist from the original Unravel, is separated from his ship during a stormy sea adventure. Following this incident, Yarny finds himself on a strange island. As luck would have it, Yarny doesn’t remain alone for long, as another yarn creature soon joins him, marking the genesis of an endearing friendship.

The dual protagonists, Yarny and his new companion, embody the theme of connection as they traverse the beautiful yet mysterious landscapes of this island. Their yarn bodies are physically linked, a symbolic reminder that their destinies are intertwined, and their individual success depends on their collaborative efforts.

What unfolds is a beautiful story, unveiled through hauntingly picturesque environments that encompass dense forests, gritty urban landscapes, and eerie factories. The ethereal backdrop silently tells its story as our two yarn creatures progress through levels, overcoming challenging puzzles and obstacles, navigating their way through their journey.

I’ve always loved how games tell stories, and Unravel 2 is among the most innovative in its narrative delivery. The storyline is not spoon-fed to you; instead, it unravels (pun intended) subtly, allowing players to interpret the unfolding events from their perspective. It feels like a beautifully illustrated picture book where the visuals hold as much weight as the text itself.

Unravel 2 doesn’t just tell a story – it explores the dynamics of companionship, resilience, and the strength found in unity. This is where it stands apart from many other games. It is not just about solving puzzles; it is about solving them together, emphasizing the importance of camaraderie and synergy.

The game captures emotions effectively, drawing you into its world with its captivating, enchanting visuals and emotive soundscapes. The sense of joy in the characters when they succeed, the anxiety during moments of peril, and the determination in overcoming obstacles – all of it resonates with you, even though not a single word is spoken.

In comparison to other games in the genre, Unravel 2 offers a perfect blend of story, gameplay, and ambiance. It masterfully weaves (yet another pun!) its narrative into the gameplay, encouraging the player to infer the underlying narrative from visual and environmental cues rather than explicit dialogue.

Unravel 2 Free Download Features

Unravel 2 is a game steeped in exquisite detail, providing both basic and advanced features that enhance the gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features that set Unravel 2 apart.

  • Two Yarnys, Double the Fun: Unravel 2 introduces a second Yarny, allowing for a single-player experience or local co-op gameplay. This gives you the option to play alone and switch between characters or team up with a friend and solve the puzzles together.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: The game’s mechanics are fluid, with each level designed to challenge the player. The puzzles require you to use the physical environment cleverly, demanding a balance between timing, strategy, and a keen understanding of the physics involved.
  • Breathtaking Environments: Unravel 2 shines when it comes to visuals. The environments are rendered with meticulous detail. From the lush green landscapes to the eerie industrial areas, each location is brimming with life and character.
  • Subtle Storytelling: The story is narrated without dialogues, focusing on visual storytelling and background events. It’s up to the player to interpret the events, making the story deeply personal and engaging.
  • Innovative Puzzles: The game’s puzzles are brilliantly designed and varied. Each one requires the player to think creatively and use the Yarnys’ abilities in inventive ways. The puzzles range from simple physics-based challenges to more complex ones that demand cooperation between the two characters.
  • Immersive Soundtrack: The music is immersive and engaging, aligning perfectly with the on-screen events. The soothing melodies elevate the gameplay experience, immersing players further into Unravel 2’s beautiful world.
  • Character Customization: Unravel 2 also offers character customization. Players can personalize their Yarnys, adding another layer of connection between the player and their yarn companions.


  1. Engaging Cooperative Gameplay: Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend, the gameplay remains challenging and exciting.
  2. Stunning Visuals: The breathtaking environments, characterized by rich detail, are a treat for the eyes.
  3. Inventive Puzzles: Each level brings new challenges, keeping the game interesting and fresh.
  4. Immersive Storytelling: The subtle, interpretative storytelling engages players on a deeper emotional level.
  5. Relaxing Soundtrack: The soundtrack complements the gameplay perfectly, enhancing the overall experience.


  1. Lack of Online Multiplayer: Unravel 2 offers only local co-op, and the lack of an online multiplayer option may limit its appeal to some gamers.
  2. Brief Game Length: The game can be completed in a relatively short time, which may leave some players wishing for more.

Game Play:

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
ProcessorIntel i3 2120, 3.3GHzIntel i5 2300, 2.8GHz
Memory4 GB RAM6 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GBNvidia GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 5750 2GB
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Storage8 GB available space8 GB available space

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How To Download Unravel 2 Highly Compressed PC Game

  • Begin by locating and opening the “Unravel Two” folder. Here, you’ll find the “Setup” option; click on it twice to initiate the installation process.
  • Once the installation has reached its completion, navigate back to the directory where you initially extracted the game files.
  • In this location, look for a folder named “CODEX.” Open this folder and select all the files it contains. Then, proceed to copy these files.
  • Next, you’ll want to move to the game’s installation directory and paste the files you’ve just copied from the “CODEX” folder.
  • Now that the game is successfully installed and the necessary files are in place, you’re all set to embark on your Unravel Two adventure.
  • Simply find the “UnravelTwo” icon in the game directory and double-click it to start your game.


Is Unravel 2 a multiplayer game?

Yes, Unravel 2 can be played in local multiplayer mode. However, it doesn’t support online multiplayer. You can choose to play the game solo, controlling both Yarny characters, or play cooperatively with a friend on the same system.

Do I need to play Unravel 1 before Unravel 2?

No, it’s not necessary to play the first game to understand or enjoy Unravel 2. While they share common elements, each game stands alone with its unique story.

How long does it take to complete Unravel 2?

The length can vary depending on your pace and how thoroughly you explore the game. On average, players can expect to complete the game in around 6-8 hours.

Is Unravel 2 suitable for children?

Yes, Unravel 2 is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and is a great choice for players of all ages. Its themes of friendship, resilience, and unity are beautifully woven into a family-friendly gaming experience.

Can I customize the characters in Unravel 2?

Yes, Unravel 2 provides options for character customization. Players can alter the appearance of their Yarnys, allowing for a more personalized gaming experience.

What platforms is Unravel 2 available on?

Unravel 2 is available on various platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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