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Phasmophobia Game Free Download Full Version

Are you a fan of paranormal investigation and getting scared out of your wits by ghostly apparitions? Then Phasmophobia Free download pc game is the perfect multiplayer horror game for you. As a rookie paranormal investigator, you will team up with up to three other players and travel to various haunted locations across the country. Check Hello Neighbor Alpha 1.

Armed with only a handful of ghost hunting tools and your courage, it will be up to you to gather evidence of spiritual activity and identify the type of ghost you’re dealing with. From creepy abandoned houses to deserted prisons and schools, Emily Wants To Play this asymmetrical multiplayer game will send chills down your spine as you try to uncover the supernatural secrets lurking in the dark.

Phasmophobia Game Information:

Game NamePhasmophobia
GenreHorror, Survival
Release DateSeptember 2020
Current Version0.3.11
Updated OnDecember 2022
Size1.2 GB
PlatformsWindows, Mac
DeveloperKinetic Games
PublisherKinetic Games

Trailer Of Phasmophobia Download:

Phasmophobia Game Story:

In Phasmophobia download pc you take on the role of a paranormal investigator working for the Phasmophobia Paranormal Investigation company. Armed with various high-tech ghost hunting tools, you will be dispatched to locations across the country to gather evidence of supernatural activity and identify the type of ghost lurking within.

The backstory provided is that as ghost sightings and paranormal events have been on the rise, your company is tasked with investigating claims of hauntings. You’ll enter locations like houses, schools, asylums and more that are said to be inhabited by unexplained spirits. Using equipment like EMF readers, thermometers, UV flashlights and voice recorders, you must carefully search for clues revealing the ghost’s presence such as drops in temperature, electromagnetic field fluctuations or capturing EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) on recordings.

Depending on the evidence found, you’ll then narrow it down to one of the game’s five main ghost types – the Shade, Spirit, Poltergeist, Wraith or Banshee. Each ghost has their own unique traits that affect how they interact with the environment and investigators. For example, the Banshee can scream and lower sanity levels quickly, while the Wraith can phase through walls and turn electronics on and off.

In my opinion, what makes Phasmophobia Game download such an exciting and terrifying game is its asymmetrical multiplayer element. Having to investigate creepy locations and try to identify the ghost alone would be scary enough, but doing it cooperatively with friends and not knowing who might become the ghost’s next target at any moment really amplifies the tension.

Coordinating evidence findings on voice chat while also keeping an ear out for any strange noises adds an extra layer of paranoia. The game does an excellent job of building atmosphere and dread, especially in VR. While it can be quite jumpy at times, Phasmophobia game download for pc succeeds in crafting a truly unnerving multiplayer horror experience unlike any other ghost hunting game out there. It’s a must-play for fans of both co-op and scare-you-silly titles.

Phasmophobia Pc Free Features:

Phasmophobia game download for pc a symphony of fear and innovation, boasts a plethora of features that elevate the gaming experience to spine-chilling heights. From basic essentials to advanced intricacies, this game is a masterclass in immersive horror gaming.

Basic Features:

  1. Ghost Hunting Tools: Equip yourself with an array of tools such as EMF readers, thermometers, and spirit boxes to detect paranormal activities.
  2. Cooperative Multiplayer: Join forces with up to three friends in online multiplayer, fostering teamwork as you explore haunted locations together.
  3. Dynamic Ghost Behavior: Experience a dynamic haunting system where each ghost reacts uniquely to your actions, keeping each investigation unpredictable.
  4. Realistic Environments: Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted, realistic environments that amplify the sense of dread and suspense.
  5. VR Compatibility: For those seeking unparalleled immersion, Phasmophobia supports VR, allowing players to step into the haunted world with a heightened sense of realism.

Advanced Features:

  1. Voice Recognition: The game features an innovative voice recognition system, allowing players to interact with the ghosts using their actual voices, adding an extra layer of immersion.
  2. Advanced Ghost Types: Encounter a variety of ghost types, each with distinct characteristics and behaviors, requiring different strategies for successful identification and exorcism.
  3. Evidence Gathering: Utilize a comprehensive evidence-gathering system to deduce the type of ghost haunting the location, adding an investigative layer to the gameplay.
  4. Haunted Locations: Explore a diverse range of haunted locales, each with its own backstory and unique challenges, ensuring that no two investigations are alike.


  1. Immersive Atmosphere: Phasmophobia excels in creating an immersive atmosphere that keeps players on the edge of their seats, with every creak and whisper contributing to the overall tension.
  2. Innovative Multiplayer: The cooperative multiplayer aspect enhances the gaming experience, fostering collaboration and communication among players.
  3. Strategic Gameplay: The game’s emphasis on strategy and evidence gathering adds depth, appealing to players who enjoy a more cerebral approach to horror.
  4. VR Integration: VR compatibility elevates the fear factor, providing a heightened sense of presence and making ghost encounters even more intense.


  1. Learning Curve: The game’s complexity and the multitude of tools may pose a challenge for newcomers, requiring a learning curve to fully grasp the mechanics.
  2. Limited Maps: While the game offers a variety of haunted locations, the number of maps may feel somewhat limited for players seeking a broader range of environments.
  3. Hardware Requirements: VR compatibility comes with hardware demands, potentially limiting access for players without the necessary VR equipment.
  4. Occasional Bugs: Like any game, Phasmophobia is not without its occasional bugs, though the developers actively address issues through updates.

Phasmophobia Pc Game Play:

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+, LinuxWindows 10
Processor1.6GHz dual-core3.0GHz quad-core
Memory2 GB RAM8 GB RAM
Graphics1 GB Video Memory, Shader Model 4.0+Dedicated GPU with 2 GB Video Memory
Storage2 GB available spaceSSD with 4 GB available space
Additional NotesInternet connection for updatesBroadband Internet connection

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Download instructions:

Phasmophobia pc game free download

  • Select the “Download” option located below.
  • Allow 5 seconds to elapse and then click on the prominent “Download Now” button in blue.
  • Allow the download process to commence and patiently await its completion.
  • Upon successful completion of the Phasmophobia download, execute a right-click on the .zip file and select “Extract to” (Ensure the presence of 7-Zip, available for download here).
  • Navigate into the Phasmophobia folder by double-clicking and initiate the executable application (exe).
  • Embark on your gaming experience and relish the gameplay! It is imperative to execute the game as an administrator.
  • In the event of encountering DLL errors, diligently search for the Redist or _CommonRedist folder and proceed to install all the programs contained within the folder.


What is Phasmophobia, and how does it differ from traditional horror games?

Phasmophobia is a cooperative multiplayer horror game centered around paranormal investigations. Unlike traditional horror games that rely on jump scares, Phasmophobia focuses on psychological fear, dynamic ghost behavior, and immersive multiplayer experiences.

Can I play Phasmophobia alone, or is it strictly a multiplayer game?

While designed for cooperative play with up to four players, Phasmophobia can be experienced solo. However, the collaborative aspect enhances the gameplay, making it more challenging and engaging.

Is VR necessary to enjoy Phasmophobia, or can it be played without virtual reality equipment?

VR is optional but enhances the experience. Phasmophobia is fully playable without virtual reality equipment, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

How frequently does Phasmophobia receive updates, and are they free?

The game is actively supported by the developers, with regular updates introducing new content, bug fixes, and improvements. All updates are provided free of charge.

Are there in-game purchases or microtransactions in Phasmophobia?

No, Phasmophobia does not feature in-game purchases or microtransactions. Once you’ve acquired the game, you have access to all its content without additional costs.

Can I host private games with friends in Phasmophobia, and how is it done?

Yes, private games can be hosted. Simply create a lobby and invite your friends by sharing the unique lobby code. This ensures a more personalized and controlled gaming experience.

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