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Tekken 3 PC Game Setup 1997 Free Download

Welcome to the digital dojo where fists fly and champions are born Tekken 3 download for PC, the fighting game that broke the mold and set new standards in the gaming world. In the ever-thrilling realm of the arcade, Tekken 3’s enduring legacy proves it’s not just a game, but an experience that thrills and thrashes with every punch and kick. We’re about to deep dive into this masterpiece, exploring its every corner, and fully appreciating the martial arts mastery that the game brings to our consoles.

Immerse yourself in this button mashing extravaganza that introduced us to an epic storyline filled with legendary characters. If “Thrilling Tekken 3 Tournaments” or “Tekken 3 Download for Pc strategies” have been popping up in your search history, then you’re in the right place. We’ll journey together through this iconic title that has surely etched its name in the Hall of Fame of Fighting Games. Tekken 7 Download for PC tighten your virtual do-bok, ready your thumb, and let’s step into the Tekken 3 arena!

Tekken 3 Game Information

Game TitleTekken 3
Platform(s)Arcade, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (as part of Tekken 5’s Arcade History mode), PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network), PlayStation Classic
Release DateMarch 1997 (Arcade), April 1998 (PlayStation)
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer
RatingESRB: T (Teen)
Game EngineNamco System 12

Tekken 3 Game Story

Tekken 3 PC download for Windows 7 is more than just a tournament of champions, it’s an epic narrative that spans generations, cultures, and dimensions. Taking a significant leap in its storyline, the game moves us forward fifteen years after the events of Tekken 2. It’s here where we find a narrative steeped in mystery, drama, and of course, bone-crushing martial arts action.

The story unfolds with Heihachi Mishima, who, after learning about the mythical Ogre creature, sets out on a dangerous mission. He establishes the Tekken 3 game download for PC Windows 10 Force, an organization that embarks on a worldwide expedition to discover this ancient being’s origin. However, when the Tekken Force digs too deep, they awaken Ogre, leading to numerous martial arts masters worldwide disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

Among these are Jun Kazama and King. Jun’s son, Jin Kazama, and a young boy who idolized King, take center stage in this game. After Jun’s disappearance, Jin trains under his grandfather, Heihachi, to exact revenge. Meanwhile, the young boy takes on the mantle of the new King to honor his idol. Tekken 3 full game download for PC Their stories, along with other colorful and deeply sketched characters, interweave throughout the tournament, bringing depth, variety, and emotional gravity to the game.

What strikes me personally about Tekken 3 PC download 58 MB / Tekken 3 PC game download (30MB) narrative is its ingenious blend of cinematic storytelling and immersive gameplay. The narrative complexity was unheard of at the time, setting the game apart from other fighting games. It’s not just about the battles, but the individual journeys that led the fighters to the tournament.

What sets Tekken 3 apart from its peers is its commitment to an immersive story. It doesn’t just provide an arena for battles but frames the fights within an intriguing storyline. You’re not merely fighting, but you’re participating in a narrative, becoming a part of the characters’ journeys. This narrative depth coupled with the introduction of new characters and the transition to a more combo-friendly gameplay made it a stand-out title, pushing the envelope for what a fighting game could deliver.

Furthermore, the game’s successful mix of fantasy elements with real-world martial arts practices is commendable. The characters’ fighting styles reflect actual martial arts, adding an additional layer of authenticity and appeal for fans of the genre. The diverse roster of fighters, each with their own unique backstories and fighting styles, adds to the rich tapestry of the game’s narrative, ensuring there’s a character for everyone.

However, Tekken 3 game download for PC Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 7 32 bit isn’t without its flaws. Like many games of its time, it occasionally falls into the trap of confusing storytelling, especially when dealing with its numerous characters. But even with its minor narrative hiccups, it’s impossible not to be captivated by the ambitious and exciting world of Tekken 3.

In my opinion, Tekken 3 was a game-changer. Its bold decision to place heavy emphasis on story elevated it above other fighting games of its era, providing not only great gameplay but also an intriguing narrative to follow. This made each punch and kick thrown not just an attack, but a part of a larger, unfolding drama, making each fight feel truly impactful. This is what makes Tekken 3 not just a good game, but a timeless classic.

Tekken 3 Gameplay

Ah, the thrill of engaging in Tekken 3’s gameplay! You can’t help but feel the adrenaline pumping, fingers ready on the controller, eyes glued to the screen as you anticipate your opponent’s next move. There’s a palpable excitement that envelopes you, taking you right into the heart of the game.

The first thing that struck me about Tekken 3’s gameplay was the fluidity. Right from the moment you select your character from the well-crafted roster, you’re in for a treat. The transition from the 2D plane of previous games to a more dynamic 3D arena made a world of difference. It was no longer just about sidestepping; now you could move in, out, and around your opponent. It felt revolutionary and incredibly immersive.

The best thing? Each character brought their unique fighting style to the mix, providing an authenticity that was palpable. As a fan of Jeet Kune Do, playing as the character ‘Law’ was a delightful experience. The fact that each character’s moves mirrored real-life martial art styles, from capoeira to boxing, added a layer of complexity and depth that was unprecedented at the time.

Tekken 3 also introduced a more combo-based approach. Landing hits felt satisfying, as I carefully timed a sequence of button presses to land powerful blows. It’s not just about mashing buttons anymore; it’s about understanding the rhythm of your character, the dance-like flow of their moves. This elegant blend of strategy and timing sets Tekken 3 apart from other fighting games.

The game offers a series of modes that kept me entertained for hours. The traditional arcade mode, where you aim to conquer the Iron Fist Tournament, was an adrenaline-packed journey. Then, there’s the ‘Tekken Force’ mode, which provided a beat ’em up-style gameplay. This diversity added to the replay value of the game.

Tekken 3’s gameplay also stands out due to its ‘Team Battle’ mode. Assembling a team of different fighters and testing them against an opponent’s line-up brought a new dimension of strategy to the game. Carefully picking characters, balancing their strengths and weaknesses, became a mini-game in itself.

On a personal note, I felt an unparalleled joy when I discovered the ‘Tekken Ball’ mode – a bizarre but incredibly fun beach volleyball variant where you punch and kick a ball at your opponent. It might sound simple, but trust me, mastering the nuances of Tekken Ball took as much practice as the main game.

Yet, despite all these features, what makes Tekken 3’s gameplay truly outstanding is its accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned fighting game veteran or a newcomer, Tekken 3 caters to all skill levels. Easy to pick up, but hard to master – a quality that ensures the game’s enduring appeal.

I’ve sunk countless hours into Tekken 3 and every moment was time well spent. Each combo mastered, each victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, each new character unlocked felt like an accomplishment. Tekken 3 isn’t just a game; it’s a testament to how the blend of engaging characters, fluid mechanics, and a compelling story can create a fighting game experience that stands the test of time. If you’re yet to step into the Tekken 3 ring, I assure you, it’s a battle worth fighting.

Tekken 3 Features

Tekken 3, a cornerstone in the world of fighting games, is packed with features that kept players coming back for more. It is this blend of basic and advanced features that make the game enjoyable for both newcomers and seasoned players alike.

  • One of the standout features of Tekken 3 is its impressive character roster. The game introduced a host of new characters, each with a unique fighting style and backstory. This diverse cast not only adds depth to the narrative, but also variety to the gameplay. Whether you prefer the high-speed capoeira of Eddy Gordo or the pro-wrestling techniques of King, there’s a character for every type of player.
  • A significant feature is the shift to a 3D plane. Unlike its predecessors, Tekken 3 incorporates a more dynamic movement system that allows characters to move in and out of the background, adding a layer of depth and strategy to the fights.
  • Tekken 3 also excels in its variety of game modes. Beyond the traditional arcade mode, the game offers a ‘Tekken Force’ mode, a beat ’em up-style game where you fight off waves of enemies. This mode provides a fun distraction from the main game. The ‘Team Battle’ mode allows for strategic matchups, letting you assemble a team of characters to face off against your opponent’s team.
  • An interesting feature that deserves mention is the ‘Tekken Ball’ mode. This unconventional yet entertaining mode involves a strange hybrid of beach volleyball and martial arts, and it’s a testament to the game’s willingness to take risks and think outside the box.


  1. Diverse Character Roster: With a wide array of unique characters, each with their distinctive fighting styles and stories, Tekken 3 ensures every match feels fresh and engaging.
  2. Rich Gameplay Modes: From classic arcade battles to Tekken Force and Tekken Ball, the game offers a variety of modes catering to different playstyles.
  3. Dynamic 3D Movement: The game’s shift to a 3D plane brings a whole new level of depth and strategy to the fights.
  4. Unlockable Content: The inclusion of unlockable characters and modes boosts the game’s replayability.


  1. Narrative Complexity: With so many characters and subplots, the game’s story can sometimes feel confusing and difficult to follow.
  2. Learning Curve: Although the game is accessible for beginners, mastering the combo system and individual character mechanics can take a considerable amount of time and practice.

Screenshot Tekken 3 Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

OSWindows 95/98Windows XP/7/8 or higher
ProcessorPentium @ 200 MHzPentium @ 600 MHz
Memory48 MB128 MB
GraphicsAny 16 MB VGA CardAny 32 MB VGA Card
Storage120 MB available space200 MB available space
DirectXVersion 6.0Version 9.0

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  • Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2: This game combines an anime aesthetic with fast-paced, explosive combat. Its unique character roster and intricate combo system provide a depth of gameplay that will appeal to Tekken fans.

How to Install Tekken 3 on PC

  • Click on Tekken 3 Download game archive using a software like WinRAR or any other tool that can extract compressed files. This will yield a folder titled techworm.net_T3, which houses two files: T3.iso and T3.cue.
  • Next, install the ePSXe emulator. Do this by executing the setup file and abiding by the provided instructions.
  • Upon successful installation, fire up the ePSXe emulator. Navigate to Config > Wizard Guide within the emulator.
  • Adhere to the directives from the wizard guide to fine-tune the emulator settings. These settings include factors like video, sound, and controller configurations.
  • Click on File > Run ISO, then steer to the folder where you’ve previously extracted the Tekken 3 game file.
  • Choose the T3.iso file and hit Open.
  • The game will commence within the emulator platform.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Tekken 3 on PC

  • Preserving your progress in the game can be done using the emulator’s save state feature. During gameplay, press F1 to secure your current state. To resume your game from the saved state, press F3.
  • Modulating the game’s pace is possible with the emulator’s frame skip feature. If you want to speed up the game, hit F4 during play. Conversely, to slow things down, press F5.
  • Capturing game moments is as simple as pressing F8 while engaged in play. The resultant screenshots will find their home in the emulator’s snaps folder.
  • For a more immersive gaming experience, you can switch Tekken 3 to full-screen mode by pressing Alt + Enter. If you wish to revert back to the windowed view, just press Alt + Enter once more.
  • If you’re interested in going head-to-head with other players online, the emulator’s netplay feature has you covered. However, you’ll need to first download and install a plugin known as CyberPad to enable this.

Tekken 3 Gameplay Trailer


Is Tekken 3 playable on modern systems?

Yes, Tekken 3 can be played on modern systems using an emulator such as ePSXe. This allows you to enjoy the game even on the latest operating systems.

How do I save and load my progress in Tekken 3?

While using an emulator, you can utilize the save state feature to preserve your progress. Simply press F1 to save your current state, and F3 to load the saved state when you resume play.

Can I play Tekken 3 online against other players?

Yes, with the help of the netplay feature on the emulator and a plugin called CyberPad, you can enjoy Tekken 3 online with others. However, both players should have the same versions of the game and the emulator for the best experience.

Can I speed up or slow down the game while playing?

Yes, you can change the game’s speed using the frame skip feature of the emulator. Pressing F4 increases the speed, while pressing F5 decreases it.

How can I capture screenshots while playing Tekken 3?

You can take screenshots by pressing F8 while playing the game on the emulator. The screenshots will be saved in the ‘snaps’ folder of the emulator.

How do I switch to full-screen mode when playing Tekken 3?

You can switch to full-screen mode by pressing Alt + Enter during gameplay. To exit full-screen mode and return to the windowed view, just press Alt + Enter again.

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