Age Of Mythology Download Free Pc Game


Age Of Mythology Download Free For Pc Game

Dive into the deep tapestry of mythology and engage in epic battles of colossal scale! Welcome to Age Of Mythology Download – a real-time strategy game where mythological figures and their world-altering abilities make the difference between victory and defeat. The game brilliantly bridges the gap between mythology and reality, letting players take command of a civilization and its divine pantheon to conquer their rivals.

You won’t merely be strategizing over resources and positioning; you’ll call upon the wrath of Zeus, the cunning of Loki, and the strength of Thor to tip the scales in your favor. Age of Empires 2 So if you’re a gamer who loves the thrill of strategy combined with the intrigue of ancient mythology, then Age of Mythology will surely be a captivating experience.

Age Of Mythology Game Information:

Game NameAge Of Mythology
GenreReal-Time Strategy
Release dateOctober 30, 2002
Current VersionUpdated for 2023 (specific version can vary)
Updated onConstant updates (specific dates can vary)
SizeVaries with platform and updates
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X

Age Of Mythology GamePlay Trailer

Game Story:

Age of Mythology weaves an enchanting tale that draws from Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology, pitting you as the leader of your chosen civilization. The campaign, called “Fall of the Trident,” follows the trials of the Greek hero Arkantos. He embarks on a journey that blends factual history with the rich lore of these mythologies.

The narrative begins in the city of Atlantis, where Arkantos defends against a surprise siege. This event spirals into a far-reaching adventure that takes him from the Nile’s fertile banks to the frozen heartlands of the Norse, and to the towering heights of Mount Olympus. Along the way, Arkantos encounters famous figures from each civilization’s mythology, such as the Greek god Zeus and the Norse trickster Loki. Age Of Wonders III All these interactions build up to a dramatic climax that pitches our hero and his allies against the Titan Kronos.

The unique selling point of Age of Mythology, beyond its incredible storytelling, is how it intricately ties its narrative to gameplay. As you progress, the storyline unfolds with each mission, and the gods you meet grant you unique powers. These powers, from Zeus’ lightning bolt to Thor’s mighty hammer, can decisively turn the tide of battle.

From a personal perspective, Age of Mythology stands apart from the pack in the RTS genre. Its incorporation of mythology and divinity into its narrative and gameplay mechanics makes for a genuinely refreshing experience. The ability to call upon gods and harness their divine powers in battles gives it an edge of unpredictability and grandeur that few other games can match. It’s not just about gathering resources and commanding armies, but about strategizing your divine interventions.

The storytelling, too, is top-notch. It provides a grand sense of scale and makes you feel a part of these epic tales you’ve read in books. This, coupled with the game’s stunning visual design and dramatic musical scores, really immerses you in the world of mythology.

What sets Age of Mythology apart from other games in the genre is its successful fusion of historical and fantastical elements. Other strategy games focus solely on the tactics and historical accuracy, but Age of Mythology adds another layer of intrigue with the mythological aspect. This inclusion makes for a more comprehensive and engaging gaming experience. It gives players the chance to engage with history in a way that’s dynamic and exciting.

In a sea of strategy games, Age of Mythology stands as a titan. Its compelling mix of strategic gameplay, combined with a rich and engaging mythological narrative, ensures an enduring appeal. It’s an unforgettable journey through the tales of old, with the thrill of strategic gaming making it a game worth your time. Whether you’re a strategy enthusiast or a lover of mythology, Age of Mythology beckons you to take command and write your own legendary tale.

Age Of Mythology Free Download Features:

Age of Mythology shines with a plethora of both basic and advanced features, making it a game with considerable depth and variety. Here are some key aspects that make it a gem in the realm of real-time strategy games:

  • Civilizations and Gods: The game offers three distinct civilizations: the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse, each with its unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. More intriguingly, each civilization has a pantheon of gods to worship. Each god grants unique bonuses, mythical units, and god powers, creating a dynamic layer of strategy.
  • God Powers and Mythical Units: Age of Mythology introduces a unique mechanic – god powers. These one-time use powers, such as Zeus’s lightning storm or Loki’s trickery, can significantly impact a match. Mythical units like the mighty Minotaur or the fire-breathing Sphinx add another layer to the warfare, contributing to the game’s strategic depth.
  • Campaign and Multiplayer Modes: The campaign mode features a rich narrative intertwined with history and mythology. In multiplayer mode, you can test your skills against players worldwide. There are also custom scenarios, contributing to the game’s replayability.
  • Economy and Population Management: The economic system in Age of Mythology is engaging and straightforward. The game uses resources such as food, wood, gold, and the divine favor to progress and grow your civilization. Managing your population and resource allocation effectively is crucial to victory.
  • Graphics and Sound Design: Age of Mythology boasts stunning visuals, bringing mythological creatures and gods to life with a degree of realism. The ambient sound design, coupled with the epic musical score, adds to the immersive experience.


  1. Immersive Gameplay: The blend of mythology with real-time strategy provides an exciting and engaging gameplay experience.
  2. Variety: Different civilizations, gods, and units offer a wide array of strategic options.
  3. Rich Narrative: The well-crafted story blends seamlessly with gameplay in the campaign mode.
  4. Depth of Strategy: The combination of economic management, god powers, and military tactics provides a deep strategic element.


  1. Complexity: The multitude of options and mechanics might feel overwhelming to beginners.
  2. Balancing Issues: Certain god powers and units can sometimes feel a bit too powerful, affecting the game’s balance.
  3. Dated Graphics: While still visually appealing, the game’s graphics might not meet the expectations of players used to more modern titles.

Game Play

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows Vista, 7, 8.1+Windows 10
Processor1.6 Ghz2.6 Ghz
Memory1 GB RAM4 GB RAM
GraphicsDirect X 10+ Capable GPUDirect X 11+ Capable GPU
DirectXVersion 10Version 11
Storage3 GB available space5 GB available space
NetworkBroadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection

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How To Download And Install Age of Mythology?

  • Once you hit the ‘Download’ button, you will be redirected to our official download page.
  • Choose the ‘Age of Mythology Extended Edition for PC’ download selection.
  • This action initiates the official installer’s download process.
  • After the file has been successfully downloaded, proceed to install the game.
  • With a robust internet connection, the game download should be a breeze.
  • Upon completion of the installation, you can freely enjoy the Age of Mythology Extended Edition PC at no additional cost.


What is the Age of Mythology Extended Edition?

The Age of Mythology Extended Edition is a remastered version of the original game. It includes improved graphics, the Titans expansion, and the new “Golden Gift” campaign, along with some other extras and enhancements.

Can I play Age of Mythology on modern operating systems?

Yes, Age of Mythology is compatible with modern operating systems. The Extended Edition, in particular, works well with Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10.

Does Age of Mythology have a multiplayer mode?

Yes, Age of Mythology includes a multiplayer mode. You can compete or cooperate with players from around the world, testing your strategic prowess in epic battles.

How many civilizations are there in Age of Mythology?

Age of Mythology features three major civilizations – the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse. Each civilization has its unique units, buildings, gods, and playstyle.

Is Age of Mythology’s gameplay only focused on mythology, or does it involve real historical events?

Age of Mythology beautifully blends both elements. While the game revolves around mythological gods, creatures, and powers, it also incorporates historical elements from the respective civilizations.

Can I run Age of Mythology on my low-spec PC?

Age of Mythology has relatively low system requirements, and it should run on most PCs. However, for the best experience, it’s recommended to have a system that meets or exceeds the recommended requirements.

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