Record of Agarest War 2 Free Download Full PC Game

Record of Agarest War 2 Free Download Full PC Game

Record of Agarest War 2 Game Free Pc Download

Record of Agarest War 2 Download, This tactical role-playing game was developed by Idea Factory and Red Entertainment in Japan. It was released in Japan by Compile Heart on November 18, 2010. This is the sequel to Record of Agarest War 2007 and the third game in the series. Agarest Generations of War 2 was released via Steam on February 19, 2015, and at the beginning of time, an agaric world was destroyed by the forces of good and evil in a terrible war. As a result of their victory, the gods of light formed a new world by joining the decomposing bodies of the dark gods.

Before now, Record of Agarest War 2 PC download, supplement was only available on PlayStation® 3, but now it’s coming to STEAM with a host of new features, visual enhancements, and an engaging combination of in-depth strategy and multi-generation storytelling! Taking place in a parallel world to previous Agarest titles, Agarest: Generations of War 2 offers a new multi-generational story. Also Check Craftopia Free Download PC Game. New players won’t need to play previous games to understand the story, even though some familiar faces and features will pop up. A mysterious light enveloped the world one day, causing terrible damage. It fell silent on the central continent, where the light originated, and slowly, demons emerged and spread throughout the world.

He learns that he must become the “ship” that stores the strength of the slain deity to atone for his crimes. Those who betray the divine, as well as their descendants, will pay for their sins in the space between salvation and the curse. With a new multigenerational story and world to explore, Agarest: Generations of War 2 takes place in a parallel universe to previous Agarest games. While fans of the current series will see some familiar features and faces, new players won’t need to know anything about the previous games.

Record of Agarest War 2 download PC, One day, the world was surrounded by a mysterious light that caused terrible devastation. Slowly, demons began to emerge and spread throughout the world from the central continent, where the light originated. In the sequel, Weiss, suffering from amnesia, meets a mysterious Eva who tells him that she committed murder. In order to atone for his crime, he learns that he must become the “ship” that holds the strength of the slain god. Weiss, the person whose life was stolen, will be revived by this force, and those who betray the divine will pay for their sins in the space between salvation and harm. Over 80 hours of disguised gameplay await you in the brand new Agarest Universe! Roam free, see the story unfold, and battle huge enemies in this newly designed universe!

Key Features:

  • A true epic story spanning multiple generations offers the choice of darkness or light
  •  In a compelling and innovative combat system, hundreds of different creatures fight using a combination of skills.
  • Build your ultimate army of warriors, master additional abilities, special arts, and more to defeat massive enemies!
  • With the “Soul Breed” system, you can shape the destiny of the next generation of heroes.
  • Roam freely in the newly designed Agarest Universe and battle huge enemies in over 80 hours of disguised gameplay!
  • Take on the ultimate warriors in a fast-paced, tactical battle system with a wealth of character customization options.
  • New HD graphics: Experience new environments, CG, and images of your favorite animated characters.
  • Take part in the bathtub, shiatsu, and massage minigames!
  • Spirit Uplift Product: Watch your favorite heroines evolve over several decades.
  • You have the power to change the outcome of the story not only by choosing your heroines, but also by your choices.
  • Take on your ultimate warriors in a new fast-paced combat system that provides real tactical depth and character customization
  • Stunning HD graphics – Experience brand new environments, CGs, and photos of your favorite animated characters
  • Take part in the bathtub, shiatsu, and massage mini-games!
  • With each passing generation, watch your favorite heroines evolve over several decades
  • You control the outcome of the story not just by the heroines you associate with, but also by the choices you make.
    System of battles
  • Record of Agarest War 2 dramatically changes the “Extend” Agarest War battle system. Several party members can be controlled simultaneously by assigning attacks to specific buttons. It’s basically Cross Cross.
  • When certain conditions are met, Ultimate Strike attacks are activated. To launch a final blow, you need to take advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses and link continuous attacks with skill. You can catch even the strongest enemies without worrying about being attacked if the time is right!
  • The system’s basic concepts
    Your battlegroup will always fight in formation. In each battle, the form of your group leader will be used at the beginning of each battle. Various effects are associated with formations, and each part of the character in the formation will benefit from these effects.
  • Additionally, you must be a member of the current group formation in order to participate in Extend Attack.
  • Episode Commands – There are seven actions you can perform with Episode Commands. Prior to taking action, think carefully about your attack plan since battles will stop until you confirm an order.
  • This includes Attack, Standby, Leader, EX Skill, Switch, Support, and Escape.
  • Each skill has a hold value that increases each time it is used. When the character’s current role ends, their hold value determines when their turn returns. Priority will be given to the least valued character.
  • If the hold value for the letter is low enough, they can sometimes take successive actions. If you pay attention to the importance of waiting for each member of your party, you can eliminate an enemy without giving them a chance to retaliate.
  • By increasing AGI or through team rewards, you can reduce the value of character waiting.
  • Occasionally, a character is allowed to work before his wait value is reduced. You can enter an Overwait condition if you continue working. Until the value of her wait falls to a certain level, you will not be able to control this character, let alone participate in an extended attack. To avoid Overwait overload, hang up the call until the Wait value decreases while simultaneously preserving the AP value.
  • Skills for attacking
    Use AP to launch a variety of attacks by assigning abilities to each button. There is a unique property for each button. The T button moves the Burst attack that throws the opponent into the air, the S button releases the Stun Attack movement that temporarily puts the opponent in an unconscious state, the X button moves an attack downward on the blows of the target, and the C button releases a multifaceted attack.
  • Action Points (AP) can be used until they are exhausted. The longer you can maintain the narrative, the more damage your target enemy will suffer.
  • With the exception of attacks activated by the C button, only attacks that match the current target state will be executed. Using the S or C buttons will connect only the attacks if a target is shot into the air with an explosive attack.
  • In addition to basic attack abilities, indigenous abilities can be used to harm opponents. By pressing the L1 or R1 buttons, each character can unleash an original ability that can inflict serious damage. The use of these types of attacks requires AP points and special technical points. An end point (UP) is earned when you break the discount value to zero. If you can’t break through the target guard, half of the Ultimate ladder will go to the next turn.

Record of Agarest War 2 DLC included

  • I added a new dungeon Lucrelia to the game
  • Bonus Points 1: Includes 5000G, 50PP, and 500TP.
  • There are 100,000g, 100 pieces, and 10,000 points in Bonus Point Pack 2.
  • An Advanced Hunter Survival Pack contains four herbs, three diluted herbs, four treatment herbs, three blessed leaves, and one whey powder.
  • Five Flame Elements, Five Icy Elements, Five Thunder Elements, Five Wind Elements, Five Earth Elements, Five Dark Elements, and Five Light Elements are contained in Right to Duel 1.
  • Blacksmith Pack 2 – Includes 10 Silver Minerals, 10 Platinum Minerals, 5 Bauxite, 5 Trugetalite, 5 Magnetite, 5 Dolomites, and 5 Birds.
  • The Troglodyte Package consists of a Rusty Sword, a Rusty Bracelet, a Rusty Ring, an E. O. M., a Black Bustier, and a Large Black Bustier.
  • This Hunter Skill Survival Kit contains 3 Bounce Herbs, 2 Prominent Herbs, 3 Magic Herbs, 2 Stimulating Herbs, 3 Blessed Fruits, 2 Life Stones, 1 Marvel Seed, and 2 Divine Branches.
  • Extra Dungeon Record of Agarest War 2 – Add-On Dungeon 2 Graccea
  • The Avoid Your Competitors Pack 1 consists of 2 Higher Power, 2 Vitality, 2 Intelligence, 2 Brains, 2 Agility, 2 Skill, and 2 Superior Horses.
  • One Princess Bustier, one Imperial Guard, one Relaxing Stone, and one Crown Princess are included in the Priscilla Can Do It Package.
  • It contains 5 Soul Flame, 5 Soul Ice, 5 Soul Thunder, 5 Soul Wind, 5 Soul Earth, 5 Soul Darkness, 5 Soul Light, and 2 Damascus.
  • The Blacksmith Pack 4 contains 10 Silver Bars, 10 Platinum Bars, 4 ATK Elements, 4 DEF Elements, 4 MAG Elements, 4 RST Elements, 2 Rhinoceros Horns, and 2 Moonlight Flowers.
  • The Add-On Dungeon 3 Enhambre adds an additional cell block
  • Avoid your rival pack 2: Contains 2 power-ups + 2 dynamics + 2 intelligence up + 2 mind up + 2 agility app + 2 dexterity ab + 2 max hub.
  • Blacksmith Pack 5: Includes 4 Force Elements, 4 Vital Elements, 4 Intelligence Elements, 4 Mind Elements, 4 Agility Elements, 4 Wit Elements, 2 Moon Blocks, and 2 Dragon Fruits. 
  • This pack contains 5 Flame Crystals, 5 Snowy Crystals, 5 Thunder Crystals, 5 Wind Crystals, 5 Earth Crystals, 5 Dark Crystals, and 5 Light Crystals.
  • A Veterans Survival Pack contains 3 Medicinal Herbs, 2 Relief Cards, 2 Elixirs, 1 Life Elixir, 2 Blessed Flowers, 1 Life Vessel, and 2 Peugeot Roots.
  • Contains 10 Mithril Ores, 10 Orichalcum Ores, 2 Keys to the Moon, 2 Keys to the Sun, 2 Moon Moon Rocks, 2 Imperial Jewels, 2 Magic Crystal Chips, and 2 Iron Meteorites Record of Agarest War.
  • Right to Blacksmith Pack 8 – Contains 3 Cuprum, 3 Argentum, 3 Stannum, 3 Breunnerite, 3 Galena, 3 Aurum, 3 Iron Roze, 3 Hideralzentum, and 2 Shining Fangs.
  • Blacksmith Pack 9 contains 1 Shining Blade, 1 Ring of Light, 1 Mystery Gem, 1 Genbu Flowerpot, 1 Seiryuu Eye, 1 Byakko Pickaxe, 1 Suzaku Canopy, 2 Generation Crystals, and 2 Whispering Dreams.
  • This package contains two ATK elements, two DEF elements, two MAG elements, two RST elements, two STR elements, two VIT elements, two INT elements, two MND elements, two AGI elements, and two DEX elements.
  • This pack contains 1 Kajitsu Light, 1 Fairy Cloth, 1 Drop of Tree Frost, 1 War God Crown, 1 Blue Ribbon, 1 Divine Top, and 1 Lapis Lazuli.
  • The Divine Four Monsters Pack includes a Jinbo Gauntlet, a Sirio Sword, a Piaco Bracelet, a Suzaku Ring, a Funky Chicken, and a Chicken Ring.
  • The Character Gallery will be opened for all items in the gallery that can be downloaded.

Record of Agarest War 2 Game Play:


Record of Agarest War 2 download PC System Requirements:


  • Windows XP is the operating system
  • 2.13 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • DirectX 9.0c graphics card with 64MB RAM and v3 shading support is required
  • Version 9.0c of DirectX
  • 5 GB of free space on the hard drive
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card is required


  • Windows XP or later is recommended
  • 3GHz Intel i3 or equivalent processor
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • DirectX 9.0c graphics card with 128MB RAM and v3 shading support is required
  • A version of DirectX 9.0c is required
  • 5 GB of free space on the hard drive
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card is required

Download instructions

  • Record of Agarest War 2
  • Extraction
  • Burn or download the .iso
  • Run setup.exe and install
  • Install by copying the crack
  • To play, click here

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